2010 Quanterra/Antelope Users Group Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

European-Mediterranean Quanterra &Antelope Users Group Meeting
March 22 – 24, 2010
Institute of Geophysics, Prague

Quanterra Users Group Meeting, March 22
         Ogie Kuraica, Danny Harvey, Joseph Steim: From Past to Now and Beyond
         Mathias Franke - All new Q330S
         Mathias Franke - Chilean Earthquake, Vault Interface Encloser
         Guided tour through Prague
         Social dinner at restaurant Eureka

Antelope Users Group Meeting, March 23
        Danny Harvey - Configuring Antelope for standard seismic network processing
        Danny Harvey - What's new in Antelope 5.0
        Daniel Quinlan - What's ahead in Antelope, Configuring a new Mac
        Kent Lindquist - Recent advances in Antelope contributed code
        Nikolaus Horn - Antelope Databases - remarks and questions
        Dinner at beer microbrewery "Pivovarsky dum"

Antelope Users Group Meeting, March 24
        Jennifer Eakins - Sharing seismic catalogs: a new Antelope bulletin server
        Frank Vernon - USArray TA network operations
        Rob Newman, Frank Vernon - Latest advances using Antelope on the web: the USArray ANF
        Reda Abdel-Fattah - The advancements and future applications of the Kuwait National Seismic Network
        Toufik Allili, Abdelaziz Kherroubi - The new Algerian Digital Seismic Network - State and future development
        Abdelilah Tahayt, Abdelouahed Birouk - Transition from analog to digital network in Morocco
        Roger Hansen - Alyeska earthquake monitoring system
        Taimi Mulder - Creating a portal network & alerting system: Haiti - A case study
        Gert-Jan van der Hazel - ORFEUS VEBSN - Status, QC and services
        Damiano Pesaresi - Antelope usage @ OGS
        Giovanni Costa - Antelope at University Trieste
        Discussion, wish list