Antelope 5.14

The most innovative data management system
that the world has ever seen

For over 25 years, Antelope has led the way as the industry’s most cutting-edge environmental monitoring system. Antelope produces the fastest results and the highest data return rates of any system today.

With Antelope, you are participating in the world’s biggest virtual network of data collection. That means greater accuracy and a wider range of applications than any other software.

Every Antelope subscription is loaded with essential features.

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Antelope has you covered.

Beyond lightning fast data acquisition, Antelope autonomously manages data archiving and analysis, managing the event fully from beginning to end.
Antelope’s metric analyses provide results that are both meaningful and communicable, empowering decision makers and the public after an event.

Limitless projects, limitless options.

Our enterprise-class software is trusted to run the largest seismic networks in the world. Antelope is capable of overseeing thousands of stations that span across the globe.
Working on a smaller scale? Antelope is completely scalable, so the very same code base can seamlessly run on an embedded processor monitoring a small network of stations – no problem.

In a disaster, seconds cost lives.

With each Antelope subscription BRTT is proud to provide Bighorn, our robust strong motion system built to save lives.
Bighorn can produce strong motion response spectra within 200 milliseconds of the ground motion event. With just one station close to critical facilities, Bighorn can immediately identify damaging effects from an earthquake. This means that first responders are immediately equipped with the crucial information they need to save lives.

Antelope is fast. Really fast.

Access to immediate and accurate information after a seismic event is crucial for responding to distasters, and avoiding unnecessary expenditures and costly shutdowns.
Antelope’s data-driven processing means that results occur within a matter of miliseconds once data is acquired.

Saving you time and money.

Antelope is designed to automatically monitor every aspect of the data collection system to ensure uninterrupted service. Our autonomous system manages itself so your team doesn’t have to. Antelope provides regular systematic updates regarding:
  • Remote data logger state of health
  • Communication metrics
  • Power usage and interruptions
  • Computational resources
  • Result speed

Flexibility means options. Options mean opportunity.

We recognize that every project is different. BRTT strives to give you options, and our software is equipped to work on the system of your choosing. Antelope can operate completely cloud based, or on a closed local system. You’re in control, and we’re here to help.


Strong motion monitoring that can save lives

Every Antelope subscription comes with BRTT’s revolutionary Bighorn system, providing real-time, continuous response spectra exceedence alerts for critical structures in the moments after a seismic event.
Features include:

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