Antelope Documentation

Antelope ships with extensive documentation in the form of Unix man-pages and tutorials. Thousands of Unix man-pages are available from the command line, with commands such as:

  • man antelope
  • man -s3 antelope
  • man traceview

The first two listed are top-level man-pages with citations of further man-pages to explore. All of these man-pages are also available via web browser from the local filesystem on which you have Antelope installed. The top level HTML documentation page for Antelope, with links to all tutorials, manual pages, etc. will be at the top level of your Antelope installation directory. For example, if you are running Antelope 5.10, open the following in your web browser:


There are also a number of tutorials available in the directory:


If you do not have a recent version of Antelope installed, please contact to purchase Antelope, evaluate Antelope, or upgrade your Antelope maintenance contract.

If you are an academic researcher at a U.S. college or university, you may apply to obtain Antelope through our Free Software Program for U.S. Education and Academic Research.