Latest Release

Antelope 5.12

May 2nd, 2022

BRTT is pleased to announce our latest software release: Antelope 5.12. This year a concerted effort has gone into keeping up with software platform changes in Linux and macOS. Improvements include the following: 

  • Wider Platform Support – Antelope 5.12 supports RedHat and CentOS Linux 7.x and 8.x (compiled on versions 7.9 and 8.5) as well as macOS 12 (Monterey). We are pleased to be able to offer a native compile also on the new Apple line of M1-processor based machines. 
  • FDSN Web Services– We have updated the Antelope FDSN Web Services program based on operator and user feedback.
  • Earthquake Analyst Review with dbloc – Further progress on the new version of the Antelope dbloc(1) program

With these upgrades, we continue to push Antelope as the leading edge of data monitoring technology, while creating a more intuitive user experience.

For a more detailed view on all the latest changes and features, please refer to the Antelope 5.12 release notes below.

The notes below outline the major changes in Antelope 5.12. These notes are also in a file called Changes in the top-level directory of the Antelope 5.12 install image in more detailed form.

May 2nd, 2022


Antelope 5.12 emphasizes many internal improvements to support changes in the modern operating-system landscape. This includes simultaneous support for RHEL and CentOS Linux 7, RHEL Linux 8 including CentOS Stream, macOS Monterey for the Intel chip (x86), and new with Antelope 5.12, a native compile for the macOS M1 chip (arm64). These expansions have paved the way for potential support of other Linux variants in the future (please let us know of any strong preferences via!).

We have put extensive work in this release into support for webservices, in the overhauled webservice_fdsn(1) program.

We are also including another rewrite of the dbloc(1) earthquake-location program, based on feedback and experience with the previous prototype.

Finally, to future-proof Antelope graphical tools we have ported to the latest major upgrade of the Qt toolkit, Qt6.2.4. Antelope 5.12 also includes modern versions of Perl (5.34.0) and Python (3.10.2), including integrated OpenSSL support to protect against platform dependencies on both Linux and macOS.

Compilation of Antelope 5.12 remains on clang 11 and gcc 10.2 for RHEL 8, and clang 11 and gcc 9.1 for RHEL 7. On macOS we have switched to native XCode versions of clang and to the fortran/gcc compilers from, so those are no longer available with install_toolchain(1). On M1 macOS we have used the gfortran compiler from HomeBrew