Latest Release

Antelope 5.13

May 1st, 2023

BRTT is pleased to announce our latest software release: Antelope 5.13. Improvements include the following: 

  • Ubuntu Linux – Antelope 5.13 supports Ubuntu 22 Linux (compiled on Ubuntu 22.04) as well as on our previous platforms
  • Nginx Web Server – We have built the Nginx web server into the Antelope release in support of further web capabilities. 
  • Docker – We have constructed our first release of Antelope as a Docker image, based on the new Ubuntu Linux compilation

With these upgrades, we continue to push Antelope as the leading edge of data monitoring technology, while creating a more intuitive user experience.

For a more detailed view on all the latest changes and features, please refer to the Antelope 5.13 release notes in the Changes document of the Antelope 5.13 release.