Patches for Antelope should be obtained and installed using the Antelope application antelope_update(1):  


For more guidance, contact us through our Support page.

You may alternatively download patches directly from the appropriate directory below, and then unpack the files to install them. Keep in mind that patches should be installed in the order shown on the web page, and all patches should be installed. There may be dependencies among patches, and installing them out of order, or omitting some patches might cause things to break.

Note that releases named pre or post are for our beta testers and are not generally available. The patch directories for those releases are placeholders and should not be applied by normal users of Antelope.

Manual Installation

  • Shut down the running systems.
  • Unzip and untar the patch, which should install the new files in their proper locations.With bsd or GNU tar (Linux or Mac OS X), you must use the P option, eg:
        tar -zxvPf patch.tar.gz
  • Follow any special instructions included with the patch. For instance, it might be necessary to edit a parameter file.
  • Start systems running again.
  • Verify that proper operation has resumed.

In the event of difficulties, please contact BRTT via our Support page.

Available Patches

Available patches are listed on our download site