European Antelope User Meeting 2005

Slovenia hosted the Antelope User meeting in Europe this year, at a training center in Ig, near Ljubljana.

Nikolas Horn from ZAMG in Austria presented an interesting summary of contributed software. Antelope users can obtain the source code for this software from the Antelope Users Group site, and can arrange to contribute their own software as well.

Frank Vernon from UC San Diego talked about US Array data collection and network operation monitoring tools.

Mathias Franke from Kinemetrics described the new Marmot field processor, currently being used by the Plate Boundary Observatory.

Ogie Kuraica from Kinemetrics talked about the Quanterra 330 High Resolution.

Mladen Zivcic from ARSO, Slovenia presented the Slovenian network, describing the stations, data return, monitoring tools and a description of epicenter locations.

Daniel Quinlan presented an introduction to Datascope and reprised a talk about incident reports given at the IRIS meeting.

Close to half the meeting was devoted to workshops investigating tuning detection and location parameters; this investigation was led by Nikolaus Horn.

Event Photos