Antelope Seminar at 2005 IRIS Workshop

Sunrise at bullfrog pond

BRTT sponsored an Antelope Seminar at the IRIS Workshop, this year at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington. The surroundings were quite pleasant even if the blackberries were not ready. Swainson’s thrushes were singing among the trees. After the seminar, some of us saw an osprey with a large fish swim up from the Columbia River (Bonneville dam reservoir) and land in the trees outside the resort.

The seminar was interrupted by a magnitude 5.2 event, perhaps the largest ever observed inside Frank Vernon’s ANZA network. Speculation ensued as first Jennifer Eakins, then Frank and Kent Lindquist rushed out of the meeting. Another fire or flood in San Diego?

Frank returned later to show live data from the network with picks and locations for the initial earthquake and after shocks.

The scheduled lectures covered the traditional changes in the latest 4.7 release and a new booklette that is being published by BRTT to document the basic design, configuration and operation of the Antelope Real-Time System (ARTS).

Danny Harvey started out by summarizing many of the changes in the Antelope 4.7 release.

Daniel Quinlan followed with information about the new Mac version of Antelope, and a dissection of the rtincident program output. The inspect_snapshot script described in this second talk is provided here.

Danny Harvey finished with an outline of data flow within an Antelope system; a preliminary version of a new BRTT tutorial with this title was handed out.

Taimi Mulder volunteered to organize the agenda for an Antelope Users Group meeting next year; we thank her for offering to do this since a true user group meeting should be organized by the user community instead of by BRTT. Among the changes discussed were a longer meeting with more time for interaction and feedback. So it’s likely that next year’s user group meeting will be a full day format.

Event Photos