Submit a support request

BRTT provides support via email to customers with maintenance contracts.

Please email all support requests to:


When submitting a support request, please help us provide a quick solution by providing detailed information. Remember that BRTT must be able to understand and reproduce your problem in order to solve it.

While in principle we can sometimes puzzle through partial information to recognize what’s going wrong for you, in practice this can take a lot of time that slows down our response, plus we may not be identifying the same things that you are seeing in context.

In order to help you, we need:

  • One or more complete sentences explaining what problem you see and why you consider it a problem, even if it may seem obvious to you.
  • The exact and complete command line(s) you invoked
  • The input data
  • The exact output
  • What you expected
  • Which difference between expected and observed is problematic
  • A short, reproducible test-case if appropriate
  • The tarball from the appropriate snapshot command

In particular, it is not sufficient merely to cut-and-paste raw program output without any explanation of why you consider it problematic, then submit that snippet as the entirety of your support request.

To generate the requested snapshot(s), please use the most appropriate snapshot command for your situation:

  • rtsnapshot(1) (real-time system problems)
  • dbsnapshot(1) (database problems)
  • dbloc_snapshot(1) (dbloc problems)
  • syssnapshot(1) (system problems)
  • licsnapshot(1) (license problems)

Please include the resulting tarball from one or more of these commands along with the text of your support request.

Effective problem reports are often time consuming and difficult. Please consult the man pages bugs(5) and reporting(5) for some guidelines.

BRTT uses a ticket-based system for customer support. When you send your request to the email address above, it creates a ticket for your issue that gets seen by all of us. That’s why using this address is critical for making sure all issues get tracked, addressed by the right people, and resolved.

The first time you send a support request, you will receive a welcome email asking you to click a confirmation link to set a password. You will only have to do this once for your email account, after which you’ll have an account in the support system.

Soon after submitting a support request you will get an automated reply confirming that we have received your request. This confirmation will give you an assigned ticket number for the request, which you can use in further discussions (if you just reply to emails in the thread, the ticket number will follow along automatically). All follow-up responses from us will come from, as part of an email thread that links to the support ticket.

Your current request ticket, any other of your own open request tickets, and a history of your past requests and their resolutions are available via the support-system web interface.

Your tickets and the email threads remain private to your account. The web account may be useful for you to review a question we’ve already answered, to elaborate on an open request via the web rather than email, or to watch any extended requests such as those whose solutions will be included in the next Antelope release.

Within BRTT, this system assists us in tracking and assigning your requests for the best service possible.

BRTT continues to support both the IRIS USArray program and IRIS PASSCAL projects. If you are using the Antelope software as part of a PASSCAL supported project, you should direct your questions to the support staff at the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center:

The Antelope User Community generously provides contributed software, hosted on web-sites maintained by the User Community, which may be separately downloaded and installed alongside Antelope.

BRTT does not provide support for contributed software.

For help with contributed software you may contact the author, work directly with the open source code to solve problems, or ask questions on the Antelope Users Group Mailing List.

For more details, please see our contributed software page.

 BRTT does not provide technical support for free software licenses, including Academic Research Licenses.

Already have an open ticket?

If you would like to check on the status of your ticket, view past requests, or interact directly through the web interface, you can access our support system web interface here:

Community Discussion and Feature Request Pages

For broader issues, we have BRTT Community Discussion Pages to solicit general input and feedback. Chief among these are specific Feature Request pages, some of them specific to individual pieces of Antelope software.